Ding Repair Tanjung Setia South Sumatra
Ding Repair Tanjung Setia South Sumatra
Surfboard repairs and secondhand surfboards Krui South Sumatra

Ding Repair surfboard repairs and sales Tanjung Setia Sumatra.

The only surfboard repair shop in Tanjung Setia Sumatra. Speak to Nanung to arrange a fast ding repair service to get your surfboard back in the water. Secondhand surfboards are also available for purchase at very reasonable prices. Example from 2013 a 6'3" Rusty with only very cosmetic ding repairs cost 1100000 Rupiah.

Location: Only a 2 minute walk from the world class wave of Unjung Bocur at Tanjung Setia, 20 min from Krui.

Phone: 0853 690 481 52

Surfboard ding repairs shop Krui South Sumatra
Dingrepairs Tanjung Setia South Sumatra

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